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We get you. We've got you.

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Introducing Team Alcohol-Free™ 

A straightforward approach to going and staying alcohol-free later in life. 

Through a safe online community of women 35+, weekly virtual meetings, and support and encouragement, Team Alcohol-Free™ (TAF) is your number one resource to help you plan, explore, and design an alcohol-free lifestyle you enjoy!

Join TAF if you: 

Don't just want to "go" alcohol-free. You want to enjoy the heck out of being alcohol-free to have fun, find peace, and explore new interests.

Desire to shake up your daily routines and monthly plan to improve upon the areas of life you choose to make the progress you want. 

Feel uninspired and motivated to take a break from drinking, and need a kickstart to get you started (starting is the most challenging part). 

Want new girlfriends that get you and got you! 

You are ready to put yourself out there, support others, and expand your friendship base (spoiler alert: making new a/f friends is one of the best ways to stay a/f). 

Need time to work through what you want to do about your drinking so that you can explore an alcohol-free lifestyle without all the yucky pressure. 

Think it would be a good idea for you to have coaching and support from a woman who knows how to find joy, confidence, and complete freedom being a/f later in life!


How TAF Works: 

Step One: Enroll in one of our three plans:


The Community Plan is a $150 yearly membership, and $15 a month

Here's what you'll get as part of the Community Plan:

  • Connection with a supportive, like-minded network, navigating an alcohol-free lifestyle.
  • Three monthly Zoom meetings to help you stay connected to the community. 
  • Weekly inspiration, daily posts, and resources to help you create an alcohol-free lifestyle. 


Whether you're taking a break from drinking for the first time, the 20th time, or just seeking to rejuvenate your alcohol-free lifestyle, The Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstart™ plan is a great resource to add to your "toolbox."

The Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstart plan is a one-time cost of $247.00.

When you enroll in The Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstart™ plan, you will receive the following: 

  • Lifetime access to the community plan (included in the plan).
  • Instant access to The Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstart 30-Day Challenge. 
  • 30 daily video lessons to help you take a break from drinking and reevaluate your current drinking habits (and enjoy yourself!).


Elevate your journey towards an alcohol-free lifestyle with our Team Alcohol-Free™ Plus Plan. This all-inclusive package offers advanced tools and support, enabling you to take your alcohol-free living to the next level!

The TAF Plus Plan is a $397.00 yearly membership and $40/mo. 

When you join the Plus Plan, you get the following:

  • Everything included in the Community and TAFH Kickstart™ plans
  • 2 coaching sessions per week with Lori every Tuesday at 10:00 am PST. and Thursday at 4:00 pm PST. 
  • Mini-workshop style meetings tackling essential topics like stress management, habit creation/breaking, self-care, and more

Step Two: Gain Access to our Private Community 

Once you've enrolled in your plan of choice, you will receive a welcome email with a link to join our private community app. 

Easy peasy!

Step Three:  Browse the Community 

Once you've joined our community, browse and register for upcoming events. 

Hello, potential teammate! 

I'm Lori Massicot. I'm excited you're here!

Since 2018, I have helped many women improve their relationships with themselves by managing their thoughts, feelings, and daily routines, so they can enjoy an alcohol-free lifestyle and feel their best as they age.

I don't believe alcohol and aging belong because alcohol takes away true joy.

Professionally, I'm a Certified Life, Recovery, and Nutrition coach specializing in helping midlife and beyond women create a sustainable alcohol-free lifestyle plan that brings them joy. 

I believe women of our generation deserve to find true joy within themselves, not a wine glass.

I was born on November 11, 1967. I love 80's music, dancing, my family, and staying home! 

I started drinking at 14 (1982) because of shyness and stopped drinking at 45 (2013) because I felt the worst I had ever felt in perimenopause.

What happened between those years that kept me drinking is what I see happening in most women's lives today. Midlife women drink to relax, find fulfillment, soothe emotions, and out of habit. 

The challenges I see these incredible women face when choosing to live a/f are a lack of time, planning, and support.

I created Team Alcohol-Free to give you time, resources, and access to women like you choosing to explore and develop an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

I get you. I've got you.👊🏻

Why a team? 

Are we competing with Team Alcohol? Heck, No!! 

I chose to name our community Team Alcohol-Free™ because I believe being alcohol-free later in life is a project of self-discovery—a project you decide to design and edit to improve the quality of your life. 

When we surround ourselves with others working on improving the quality of their life, we expand our resources, our friendship base, and our ability to keep going. 

I can't think of any other team I would like to join at this stage of my life than one made up of women in midlife and beyond.  We have the wisdom, courage, and power to live free from alcohol fully. 

Teamwork makes being alcohol-free work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Team Alcohol-Free™?

Team Alcohol-Free™ Community, TAFH Kickstart™ Challenge, and Team Alcohol-Free™ Plus are for women 35 and over who are either alcohol-free now or ready to explore an alcohol-free lifestyle.

The content included in each plan is for informational and motivational purposes only and is not to be used to replace medical advice or treatment. 


Team Alcohol-Free™ is not a detox program. Please do not join if you are at risk of severe withdrawals from alcohol. I want what is best for you. If you need help finding treatment, please reach out to me via email.

What are the benefits of the annual plans? 

Annual plans are offered at a discount, so you save money and have more time to work through the resources and make new friends! 

If you like the idea of making the most out of your investment by setting yourself up with a coach and community for a year without a monthly payment. The annual plan is for you! 

Note:  The Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstart™ plan is a one-time fee with lifetime access to the Team Alcohol-Free™ community plan.

How do I know which plan is best for me?

GOOD: The Community Plan will give you a "light" touch of the community through daily inspiration and tips, access to our monthly planning sessions, and two additional monthly meetings.

BETTER: TAFH Kickstart™ Plan will give you practical tools to help you design your a/f lifestyle and keep it going. 

You can access everything in the community plan, plus TAFH Kickstart 30-Day Challenge with daily video lessons, resources, and updates.  

BEST: The Plus Plan will give you the ultimate tools and resources to connect with the "team" and explore and create an alcohol-free lifestyle that feels good for you. 

The Plus Plan includes weekly meetings, all challenges throughout the year, and monthly workshops. 

Important: If you want to participate in TAFH Kickstart 30-Day Challenge, you must purchase either the Kickstart plan or The Plus Annual Membership. 

Click on each plan below to see the full benefits.

What makes Team Alcohol-Free different from other programs?

The #1 reason TAF is different from other programs is that it is only for women 35+. 

We focus on relevant topics that help our generation improve the quality of their lives while navigating the challenges of aging free from alcohol. 

What app do I use to access my plan?  

You can access everything inside your plan using The Mighty Networks inside your app store.


Are the meetings recorded?

Only the audio of the Tuesday morning meetings inside the Plus Plan and special events are recorded, and the monthly planning session is inside the community plan. 

What is the meeting schedule?

The community plan includes three monthly meetings as follows: 

The first Thursday at 4:00 pm PST., and the second and last Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am PST. 

The Plus Plan meets every Tuesday at 10:00 am PST and Thursday at 4:00 pm PST. 

The Kickstart does not have standalone meetings but includes community meetings. 


Do I have to use my camera on Zoom?

No. You can sit back and listen in without video. 

Do you offer refunds? 


You can cancel your membership anytime, but no refunds will be issued. 

If you enroll in either a monthly or annual plan, your membership will be active until the next billing cycle of your plan. You can read our terms and conditions for further explanation. 

Have more questions before enrolling?
I've got the answers! Please send me an email.